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About PACC

PALMA ACADEMIC COACHING CENTRE (PACC) is designed as a modern, alternative partner of your child's learning experience. It is an avenue for the basic education students’ sole exposure to excellence over the fundamental subject areas of Mathematics and Science. 

Our goal is not just to produce learners being proficient in these academic subjects, but above all, we make sure that they appreciate the basic concepts and the real-world applications of Mathematics and Science while having fun in the process.

At PACC, learners undergo a dynamic learning program at a maximum of four (4) hours a week. The program is more than just a setting for traditional tutorial classes. It employs relevant authentic assessments thereafter. 

Every participant has the opportunity to learn every concept or principles based on his or her learning style. 

The learning program at PACC, together with its curriculum, is designed to be more than just a supplementary educational input to your child's academic experience on top of what the school primarily provides.  

At PACC, we place paramount care for your child's powerful future. We just do not stop at the point to seeing learners collaborate in the learning process. More than that, we safeguard partnership with the parents to establish our credibility in educating every potential learner.      


PACC envisioned itself as the leading academic coaching centre in the Philippines in terms of enhancing the seed of being a genius in every potential learner.


PACC is one with the academic institutions in establishing new approaches to modern instruction in the production of holistic education today for the leaders of tomorrow.

Specifically, PACC will be able to:
  1. expose the basic education students primarily to the fundamental subject areas of Mathematics and Science and not just establish their confidence in them but affinity;
  2. ensure excellent proficiency level of the basic education students in the elementary concepts and principles of Mathematics and Science;
  3. enable the young learners to appreciate and understand the real-world applications of Science and Mathematics;
  4. eliminate possible learning gaps among students for basic Mathematics and Science;
  5. provide excellent support for the basic education in Mathematics and Science to warrant optimum learning; 
  6. ignite further the interests of children who have dreams to be either one of the future Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Mathematicians or any related professions under the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) track; and
  7. develop outstanding analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills at a younger age.

PACC adheres to the following values in the achievement of its vision: